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1.Is it easy to apply for entry visa to exhibit in Macau?

Yes. Macau government have free-visa entry policy for many countries.
On the other hand, according to the content of Supplemental Agreement VII of CEPA, Mainland of China and Macau agree to strengthen their cooperation in the field of exhibition industry and support common development of exhibition industry in both Mainland China and Macau. In order to promote the development of Macau's exhibition industry, on the request of Macau Special Administrative Region, with the agreement of the competent authorities of the Country, in the agreement, it is mentioned to facilitate the exhibitors from Mainland China to handle the exit-entry document and endorsement to Macau so as to help the enterprises and people from Mainland of China to take part in the exhibitions in Macau. The facilitations have been implemented and the specific implementation procedures are as follows:
  1) The Special Administrative Government submits the list of exhibitions needing the support of Mainland of China

2.Are schools or institutions entitled to advertisment on the Journal even if they don't exhibit at the expo?

Yes. But those schools and institutions have to pay 10% more than the schools and institutions exhibiting at the expo.

3.When will the exhibition Journal be published? Where will be?

The journal will be issued before the opening date of the expo. And it will be circulated to higher schools and foreign-related educational institutions in mainland of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

4.Do the organizers offer complimentary shuttle bus for students and their parents living in the Pearl River Delta Area?
Yes. The show management office will arrange complimentary shuttle buses to ply between Zhuhai and other cities in PRDA. Students and parents can take the buses with students ID.

5. Why is the Venetian Macao chosen as the venue?

First of all, the MIEE is expected to have more than 100 exhibiting schools. The venetian Macao is able to provide us with more space and all supporting services, which ensures our Expo to be safe, well-catered and successful. And located at the Venetian Macao, we can more students and visitors involved in our expo.

6.Is accommodation convenient near the Venetian Macao?
Yes. The hotel the management office recommends is Holiday Inn Macao which is total new open in April 2012. It is just next to the Venetian Macao.

7.Where are the visitors from?

There are hundreds of school principals and institution chiefs being specially invited to participate in Macau International Education Seminar, who will have direct access to the exhibitors. On the other hand, the show management office will offer complimentary shuttle buses for students and parents. In this case, thousands of visitors are expected to the expo.

8.What is the minimum space we need to book? And what is the cost for a fully-equipped booth?
The minimum space is 6sqm, and the standard booth costs HK&20,000 each. The booth will include:
- 2 information counters,
- 4 folding chairs,
- 1 fascia board with exhibitor's E/C names,
- 3 sided walls held by aluminium modular system. (for the case of corner booth it will be two sides and two fascia boards),
- 2 lights,
- 1 electricity socket,
- 1 waste basket and fully-carpeted floor area of the booth.
Please refer to Booth Information for more details.

9.How shall we pay the booth fee after we submit the application? Will there be any payment deadline?
Upon receipt of exhibitor's Booth Application Form, the organizer will issue a written confirmation and an invoice for booth payment by fax.The booth fee should be paid within 10 working days from the date of invoice.

10.How can we send our materials to our booth?
There will be contact details of official freight forwarder on the web. You may contact them directly for the shipping instruction.

11.Is the exhibition open to public? How much is the ticket?
The exhibition is open to public and the admission tickets are free.

12.How can we pay the booth fee in USD or EURO?
To pay the booth fee in USD or EURO etc., an equivalent to Chinese rates shall be paid based on the exchange rates of the day.

13.Will the Organizer be able to issue a letter for Business Visa?

Macau allows people from many countries to enter without visa. If necessary, the Organizer will help to issue an invitation letter for your visa purpose. The exhibitors will need to duly fill in the Application form for the Invitation Letter for VISA (full name, gender, nationality, job title, passport No., entry/exit China date etc.) together with a COPY OF THE APPLICANT'S PASSPORT(WITH BOTH FIRST AND LAST PAGE OF PASSPORT IN ONE PICTURE OR PDF FORM) AND THE APPLICANT'S TRAVELLING SCHEDULE IN CHINA, then return it to us by the deadline date.

14.Is there any qualifications requirement for participating in Macau International Education Expo?
Any schools or institutions, officially certified by governmental agencies or authorized representatives home and abroad in the international education community, in particular those with their academic degrees certified by MOE ( www.jsj.edu.cn ), are welcome to submit their applications. Organizer shall reserve the right to accept or refuse any application.

15.How can we get to the Exhibition Centre of the Venetian Macao?
Located on Cotai Strip®, The Venetian Macao is an hour's ferry ride from Hong Kong aboard the CotaiJet™ and a 5-minute drive from the Taipa Ferry Terminal where complimentary CotaiShuttle™ services await. If you are arriving at the Macao International Airport, or from the Zhuhai-Macau border gates you may also take a complimentary CotaiShuttle to The Venetian Macao.

16.How is the weather is Macau?
Please get the latest weather information at http://www.smg.gov.mo/www/c_index.php

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